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Wireless platform main features and benefits:
-  Wide variety of interfaces and connectivity plug-ins ready to integrate with the operator infrastructure.
- Full control over the platform features such as throughput‚ user interface‚ service navigation and others.
- Different ways to integrate with 3rd party service providers through integration adaptors.
- Flexible modular platform structure that can be customized according to the required data service.
- Scalable and can accommodate increasing usage with time without having to invest much in the initial setup before measuring the actual service utilization.
- Supports a variety of delivery channels (SMS‚ MMS‚ WAP‚ RBT‚ GPRS…etc).
- Provide effective reporting mechanisms for different provided services

Major Projects and Application:
1. Mobile portal platform: state of the art platform for publishing a variety of content and services. This platform utilizes different technologies such as handsets detection‚ bearer detection‚ premium billing and others.
2. SMS2Radio/ SMS2TV: Enabling online creation of votes/ quizzes/ dedication without the need for technical intervention.
3. Interactive services packages: a group of mobile interactive services that provides entertainment and user involvement. These services includes personality tests‚ recipes advisor‚ What if game and others.
4. SMS/MMS news channels publisher: an engine used to create different subscription channels for mobile users. This engine provides a very short time to market and enables existing news providers to SMS enable their different channels in very short time and with small overhead.
5. 3rd party integration platform: enables 3rd party content providers to publish their content on wireless channels through variety of interfaces and integration adaptors.
6. GoodNew4me Content Management System: an advanced tool used by digital content editors to enter‚ organize‚ and publish their work over different digital channels.
7. Other custom tailored applications such as Stock market services‚ GN4FN –a financial content application for Egyptian stock market information-‚ Arab League web portal‚ SMS/MMS/WEB/GPRS content syndication‚ Traffic Info application‚ University Automation‚ Interactive Messaging Engine‚ High School Results Coverage‚ and TV Guide.
Web Development

Whether you are planning a new web initiative‚ or working towards enhancing your current web presence‚ GoodNews4Me has a complete suite of web development services to address your needs. We understand that a good website can make or break a company. That’s why your web site needs to be placed in the hands of leading web designers‚ quality coders‚ who will see the project through from the planning stage to delivery‚ to maintenance‚ to hosting.

Our web services help you to
• Establish your web presence and lead your company into the Information Age.
• Manage your website by yourself without learning any special computer skills.
• Market and Sell your products using our comprehensive E-marketing solutions.
• Keep your website among the top of major search engine listings.
• Administrate your business to business activities through internet.

Gn4me have relesed a 3D game based on the Syrian TV drama "Bab EL-Hara
American Airlines' improved offer of help also comes with strings attached.
Gn4me have relesed a 3D game based on the Syrian TV drama "Bab EL-Hara
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